What are Feelium E-Contracts?

Feelium E-Contracts are interactive documents where online or offline agreements are recorded electronically. Feelium brings innovation to contracting; by moving away from inefficient, paper-based systems and towards a user-friendly digital platform.

E-contracts, in general, facilitate our need for faster, cheaper and more sustainable systems. Feelium E-Contracts are designed to support all your contracting needs through a series of templates created by lawyers. Users can customize these contracts to their specific requirements.

How it Works?

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Why choose Feelium E-Contract?

Super-fast contracting

Border-less Services

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User-friendly templates


Electronic Signatures and Online Contracts

Electronic signatures and online contracts are just as acknowledged and enforceable as traditional paper contracts signed in ink. Previously, e-contracts were not considered legal. Electronic Signatures In Global and International Commerce Act (ESGIC) gave a clean chit to e-contracts in 2000.

A Contract of Convenience: Introduction to E-Contracts

We hardly need an introduction to e-contracts. Today, e-contracts are very commonly applied; agreements in mobile applications, websites, etc, where we unwittingly enter into contracts with the service providers when we access their applications.

Putting an end to paper based systems - Embracing e- contracts

E-contracts provide a way to restrict complex paperwork. Companies face a huge amount of pressure to perform better, faster & cheaper, while maintaining good services and guaranteed results simultaneously.

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